Personal Injury Accident Law – What’s important to know if you’ve been involved in an auto accident that causes injuries in Rhode Island?

Meta Slider - HTML Overlay - Automobile AccidentIf you’re ever injured in an automobile accident, the first thing you need to do is to make sure that you take care of your own physical well-being.  Don’t be shy about going in the ambulance, go to the hospital.  That will help your physical well-being number one but it will also help create the record that we need to represent you going forward with your automobile accident claim.

Unfortunately in some situations when people decline the ambulance ride to the hospital or don’t go to a hospital or walk-in clinic the same day or same evening of an automobile accident, the insurance companies will hold that against you.  It is very important for your own well-being that you get the physical treatment you need and that will also help you with your automobile accident claim.

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