What Should I do if I’ve been Arrested for Disorderly Conduct in Providence?

arrest-civil-law-arrested-1024x682At Murphy & Fay, LLP, we often receive calls from people who have been arrested for disorderly conduct in Rhode Island and many of the individuals that we represent who have been arrested for disorderly conduct are first time offenders.  The arrest usually culminates as a result of disturbing the peace, being at a party or cookout where things go awry.  We often tell them that in Rhode Island under our law, disorderly conduct is known as a petty misdemeanor.  Disorderly conduct carries with it a penalty of 6 months at the ACI.  99 percent of the time, a first time offender is not going to the ACI for commission of disorderly conduct but that process is the same as if an individual had been charged with any other crime.  We try to get the persons background, the fact that he or she has never been arrested before into play when it comes to deciding the outcome of the case.

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