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Providence, Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyers

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The attorneys at Murphy & Fay LLP are dedicated to helping clients who have been seriously injured. We are committed to protecting and vindicating the rights of people who are seriously injured by the negligence of others.  Our experienced personal injury attorneys can help guide you through the legal process and get you the compensation you deserve.

What would you tell someone who is evaluating different attorneys for their personal injury case?

The most important thing you can do when meeting with a personal injury attorney is to ask the attorney these important questions: 1. When’s the last time you tried a case?, 2. When is the last time you were in a court room either state court, federal court or district court?, 3. How did you do?, 4. What type of case was it?, and 5. When was the last time you won a case?.

Unfortunately in Rhode Island, there’s thousands of personal injury attorneys. You see them on billboards. You see them on TV. You see them in the phonebook. They are all good businessmen. They know how to get you into their office. They can settle cases, but can they maximize the return for you if they’re not willing to go all the way and try the case and win the case for you?  The insurance companies know these good businessmen attorneys who don’t try cases. So my advice to you when assessing different personal injury attorneys is to ask them the right questions.  If you come to see us, we will answer those questions for you. We have years of experience. We have tried cases in state and federal court every year on personal injury cases and we have been very successful.

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Auto Accident Lawyers

After an auto accident, the insurance company may try to contact you.  Their goal is simple — to diminish the cost to the insurance company.  Insurance companies have little concern for the well-being of the injured victims and will do everything possible to protect their interests — MORE

Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers

Every year, slip and fall incidents lead to more than 250,000 disabling injuries and 17,000 accidental deaths.  Many of those occur due to lack of care on the part of a property owner or manager.  At Murphy & Fay, LLP, we take these cases very seriously and represent countless people injured as a result of others’ negligence —   MORE

Construction Accident Injury Lawyers

At Murphy & Fay LLP, we know the dangers construction workers face every day. All too often, profits take precedence over safety, resulting in serious personal injuries to construction workers. Rhode Island has laws specifically designed to protect workers who are injured on a construction site — MORE

Wrongful Death Attorneys

It takes a highly skilled lawyer to successfully bring a wrongful death lawsuit in Rhode Island. Almost any kind of accident can result in a person’s death. As a result, “wrongful death cases,” although they may be based on a particular field of law, such as medical malpractice, negligent driving, a defective drug or product, or even a seemingly small slip and fall, are their own special type of case — MORE

Premises Liability Lawyers

Under Rhode Island law, property owners must take sufficient care to ensure that their premises are safe. If you were attacked in a poorly lit parking lot, tripped on haphazardly constructed stairs or got bit by someone else’s dog, you may have a premises liability claim.  At Murphy & Fay LLP, we handle all types of premises liability cases — MORE

Product Liability Attorneys

Companies that create products that are dangerous, even when used as intended are liable for the injuries their products cause.  All companies are required to provide proper warning if any part of their product is unsafe or if using the product in a certain way could be hazardous to the user’s safety or health.  At Murphy & Fay LLP, we have successfully handled a wide variety of product liability cases — MORE