Importance of Pre-Judgment Interest in Rhode Island

shutterstock_91738673In Rhode Island, we have what’s called pre-judgment interest which will be added on to any final judgment either after trial or binding arbitration. The legislator in Rhode Island has decided that that figures 12% a year, 1% a month. The purpose of that is to incentify insurance companies to settle these cases before they get too dragged out because, again right now, it can take up to 3 years before you can even get a trial date. So if you’re involved in an automobile accident, that 12% pre-judgment interest runs from the date of the accident until the judgment so just do the math. If you get into an accident and its 3 years until you go to trial, you already have 36% pre-judgment interest that will be added on to your award if you’re successful in trial. Again, the jury doesn’t know about that. The clerk automatically adds it on so pre-judgment interest is important because it is a factor for the insurance companies whether or not to settle cases.

This informational blog post was provided by Mark A. Fay, an experienced Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyer.

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