I Got a Ticket for Driving with a Suspended License


With a suspended license charge, it’s a misdemeanor in the state of Rhode Island. The first thing I speak to the client about is do they know necessarily what is suspended in their license and if they don’t or if they do, we address that suspension. When I said if they don’t, what would need to be done I’ll run their license, do some work maybe operate a control and I’d find out whether it could be anything whether it would be a municipal court fine that wasn’t paid, whether it was an accident report that wasn’t filed or failure to put an SR22 or something in their history that has suspended them. I think the first direction I would take with this client is after I get the answer to what suspension is that, I would put the best foot forward to get that suspension reinstated and then deal with the suspended license charge.

This informational blog post was provided by Norman Landroche Jr., an experienced Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyer.

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