Does the Property Owner Require Notice to Have a Slip and Fall Case?

slip and fallIn Rhode Island, a slip and fall in a slip and fall case, the owner needs to be given a reasonable period of time to remedy the situation which caused the fall. What is a reasonable period of time? That’s up to the jury to decide. But if you fall, it’s important that you come to my office because we will start an investigation immediately to establish how long whether it was ice, a substance, whatever you slipped and fell on. We have an investigation team that will determine immediately, you know, how long it had been there, who’s responsible for it, or what have you. So again, if you’re involved in a slip and fall, there is a period of time that the owner of the property is given to remedy the situation. That’s what the case comes down to – what is the reasonable period of time to remedy before the fall occurred?

This informational blog post was provided by Mark A. Fay, an experienced Rhode Island Slip and Fall Lawyer.

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